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I’ve spent the past two and a half decades hopping between New York, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco. I’m a product builder, former founder, marketer, and community guy, always in multiple places at one time. I’m currently leading community efforts at Notion, the all-in-one
writingspace for individuals and teams. I joined Notion two years ago when the team included 10 folks.
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I got started in 2009, running an eBay business out of my childhood bedroom and eventually building websites and writing for sites like Business Insider. After high school, I moved to Israel to serve in an intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces. Towards the end of my army stint, I co-founded Mapme, which today is a bootstrapped SaaS company.

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5 to 9 | By Moe Mernick “99% of value lies in execution of an idea, and only 1% in the idea itself” Who: Ben Lang, hi-tech guy, product and community builder, and investor in early-stage companies. What: For many of these interviews, this section essentially revolves around the interviewee’s

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I actively make angel investments and advise a few select startups. I also work with Clark Valberg, founder/CEO of InVision, and we’ve invested in over a hundred early stage companies.lang ben

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Danielle Lavey and Drew Feldman met in April 2020 by means of a Facebook group for Jewish singles. A few months later an astrologer in Israel confirmed their compatibility. With so little to do in April 2020, Danielle Lavey and Drew Feldman quickly learned they had easy banter.lang ben

A couple that has met on the CoronaCrush Facebook group has announced their engagement, the first marriage apparently from the group. The couple started dating after meeting on the group, and did social distancing friendly activities such as hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

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CHICAGO (WLS) — International Hummus Day is May 13, 2017 and it’s the perfect time to dig in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The popular Middle-Eastern chickpea spread has all sorts of variations. Chicago’s very own Naf Naf Grill is celebrating the holiday with many different specials.

The Reveller Restaurants T o celebrate the fantastic thing that is World Hummus Day, Hou have composed a rather special blend of the chickpea favourite: chocolate. Billed as a sweet hummus brand, the kooky concept will launch at Mandira of Covent Garden this Friday, May 11.lang ben

Start blending those garbanzo beans, because International Hummus Day arrives Monday, May 13. The day that celebrates all things hummus was composed by Ben Lang, a tech entrepreneur who got things started at a Tel Aviv hackathon seven years ago.

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