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Lost Classics

5つ星のうち5.0 Honest and ngạiye opening book.



Ron Britton tells it like it is and really lets you into the crazy trip he took with Kim Basinger in the 80’s during her incredible rise to fame.

One things for sure Ron’s not gonna be looking back thinking he missed out on anything !

2人のお客様がこれが役に立ったと考えています 違反を報告

5つ星のうち2.0 Not worth the time to read



Didn’t paint himself in a very good light and the book was repetitive and badly written

Crimson Davis

5つ星のうち1.0 Hier macht der Ex-Mann Kasse …



Wer Informationen zu Kim Basingers Filmen & ihrer Karriere sucht, ist hier leider falsch. Hier leidet ein angefrusteter Ex-Mann und verdient dabei noch ein paar Dollar.

Ron Britton ist das arme Opfer seiner Ehe mit Kim Basinger. “Sie wollte immer Sex”, “Ich musste meinen Namen ändern”, “Es ging immer nur um sie” … und so zieht es sich durch das komplette Buch.

Wen es interessiert, dass Kim zuhause gerne nackt rumläuft, keine Unterwäsche trägt, an Aliens glaubt, ihren Ex-Mann für einen übersinnlich begabten Mann hält, nicht mit Geld umgehen kann und ohne Ron Britton in den 80ern quasi kaum überlebt hätte “Ich musste alles für sie machen” … der hat das perfekte Buch gefunden.

Von dieser Ehe scheint am Ende nicht viel übrig geblieben zu sein, wenn man so schonungslos alle persönlichen Details (von denen die Meisten reichlich überdramatisiert scheinen)in einem lieblosen, charakterlosen und (vor allem für den Autor) peinlichen Buch verwurstet.

Die Auswahl der Fotos “so geil war meine Ex-Frau” rundet die Geschmacklosigleit dann noch passend ab.

Hier geht es eindeutig nur ums Geld mit Geschichten die so hohl sind, dass es evtl. noch als Comedy durchgehen könnte.

Da empfehle ich eher das Buch von Alec Baldwin, der hatte das Geld wahrscheinlich nicht ganz so nötig.

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5つ星のうち4.0 A Suprisingly Good Biography By An Ex-Spouse Without An Axe to Grind



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I give this a solid B as a biography. It provided considerable insight into what Kim Basinger was really like during her early years in Hollywood. This was relevant for me because I remember Kim as one of the sexiest actresses of the 1980s & 1990s & for her nasty divorce from Alec Baldwin in the 2000s. Back then, I thought he was a total jackass. After reading this book, I realize what a manipulative head-case Kim was as a wife & as an actress. Ron Snyder met Kim Basinger in late 1979 when she was shooting her first theatrical film. He’d been hired as her make-up artist. At 40, he was an industry veteran with 15 yrs. experience in beating faces. Kim was 26 with a couple of tv movies to her credit. They became a couple & married a year later. Even before they wed, Kim told him to change his name to Ron Britton & that she wanted him to quit working as a make-up artist once her career took off, mainly because she felt is was beneath her to be associated with a below-the-line industry person. (Really. And he fell for it.) That tells you most of what you need to know about Kim Basinger. She told Ron to handle all her money from when they first began working together, even before they married. He still did her make-up (for không tính tiền) when she wanted him to, but he basically spent a decade being her handler/personal assistant/psychologist/talent manager/sex toy/animal wrangler. Despite their very hot sex life over almost a decade (which Britton references ad nauseam throughout much of the book), he still cheated on Kim with the odd ex-girlfriend. And she cheated on him with her co-stars & directors. She was the type who would sleep with anyone if she thought it would improve her role in a film. Soon after achieving serious commercial success with her role in BATMAN, she chose to jettison Ron. But they’d never signed a pre-nup & he was not about to walk away with nothing after spending a decade of helping build Kim’s career at the expense of his own. And good for him! You’ll have to read the book to find out the rest of the details on her divorce, all the co-stars & directors she slept with & her tempestuous relationship with Alec Baldwin. But it was only published in England, so you prolly won’t find it at your local library. The biggest irony of all is that at 60, Kim is now dating her celebrity hairdresser Mitch Stone.

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Sylvia Path

5つ星のうち4.0 Great Read!



I enjoyed this book. A very insightful look at the actress Kim Basinger as seen through the lens of her ex-husband Ron Britton. I was a little suprised and taken aback at the explicit pictures of Kim and the frankness with which Ron discusses their sex life together. However, I don’t think Kim is portrayed in any way negative. I was reminded of Marilyn Monroe as I read about Kim. They seemed to share a lot of the same personality traits of shyness and sensitivity along with incredible physical beauty and sensuality. As someone who also struggles with shyness and anxiety, I am amazed that Kim has been able to overcome and transcend her mental health problems to the level of success she has achieved. I do think Ron wrote this book out of love for Kim and for him Longer Than Forever is still true… Very helpful and inspiring read!

12人のお客様がこれが役に立ったと考えています 違反を報告

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