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Nexium, the brand name of esomeprazole, is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces stomach acid production. It is used to treat GERD, ulcers and other stomach acid-related conditions. Nexium 24HR treats frequent heartburn. Common Nexium side effects include headache and nausea. Serious side effects of Nexium include kidney damage and bone fractures.

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Nexium, marketed as “The Purple Pill,” is one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States.

Esomeprazole, Nexium’s generic name, is almost chemically identical to omeprazole, the active ingredient in Prilosec. AstraZeneca manufactures prescription versions of both Nexium and Prilosec. Prevacid and Protonix are two other related drugs.nexium

Nexium comes in several versions. It premiered as a prescription drug. Over-the-counter (OTC), generic and store brands followed.

Learn More About Store-Brand Nexium 24HR

People use prescription Nexium to treat serious stomach acid-related conditions. OTC Nexium treats frequent heartburn.nexium

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Nexium Is FDA Approved to Treat:

People should not take Nexium if they are allergic to esomeprazole magnesium or any of the drug’s other ingredients.

People who have an allergy to any other PPI should not take Nexium. These precautions and any questions about Nexium and other PPIs should be discussed with a medical professional.nexium

In addition to potentially life-threatening side effects from Nexium, some less serious side effects are common among patients who use the drug.

In clinical trials, less than 1 percent of adults reported dyspepsia, or indigestion. Pediatric side effects can include fast, shallow breathing and vomiting.

Using Nexium for a long period of time may increase the risk of inflammation of the stomach lining, according to the FDA. At least one study showed long term use of Nexium and other PPIs could also increase the risk of death.nexium

The FDA warns that patients should never take Nexium 24HR for more than 14 days at a time. And they should never take more than three 14-day courses in a year.

People should not take Nexium if they take certain other medicines. They should also avoid Nexium if they take certain dietary supplements.

Nexium interactions can affect how one or both substances perform. People should tell their doctor what drugs and supplements they are taking before using Nexium.nexium

Learn How Mixing a PPI & Antibiotic May Affect Heartbeat

Patients should always speak with their doctor before stopping Nexium. Doctors may prescribe Nexium for long periods of time. Stopping suddenly can trigger a “rebound” effect. This can cause the patient’s condition to return. It can sometimes be worse than the original problem.

A 2018 review in Current Gastroenterology Reports recommended ways to stop Nexium use. A doctor can work out a step-down plan. Patients can take reduced doses over a two-week to month-long schedule. Or a doctor may recommend the patient take Nexium on alternate days.nexium

Studies have linked Nexium and other PPIs to several long-term health dangers. Not all these possible Nexium side effects show up in the medicine’s label.

A 2017 study looked at 125,000 PPI users over five years. Half who developed chronic kidney damage never had kidney problems before taking PPIs. A 2016 study found long-term PPI use nearly doubled a patient’s chance of kidney failure.

In 2016, researchers linked PPI use to a 21 percent increased stroke risk. They presented their findings at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016.nexium

A 2015 study found that PPI use increased heart attack rates from 16 to 21 percent. Researchers published their findings in the journal PLOS One.

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A 2017 study found that PPIs may double the risk of gastric cancer in some patients. Researchers found the increased risk among people with previous Helicobacter pylori infections. They published their results in the BMJ journal Gut.

A 2018 study found that PPIs taken to prevent esophageal cancer may actually cause it. Researchers in Sweden found PPIs may be responsible for five percent of all cases there. They published their results in Cancer Epidemiology.nexium

The FDA has added at least seven warnings to Nexium labels since 2010. The FDA adds warnings and precautions when evidence shows a drug may cause serious health dangers.

Nexium lawsuits, part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in federal court, claim that the medication caused kidney injuries or damage. As of July 2019, the MDL included 12,775 pending lawsuits over Nexium and other PPIs.

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